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Welcome to the Whalenerds Podcast! We are three friends talking about the ocean, whales and more! This is a fun hobby that we have taken on to share information about the ocean with a wider audience. 

We are happy to take topic suggestions and answer questions from our listeners! To submit topic suggestions or ask us questions send us a DM on Facebook or Instagram @whalenerds

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Slater Moore

Slater is a marine wildlife photographer who's passion is to share marine life with the world! He started on fishing and whale watching vessels in Newport Beach, California and is now based in Monterey, California. Check out his photography on Instagram 
@slatermoorephotography or his website 



Katlyn is a marine biologist currently working as a naturalist and first mate on whale watch and snorkel boats across the United States. She is an Oregon native and has worked for whale watch companies in Newport, Oregon, Monterey, California, Maui, and Gloucester, Massachusetts.

Katlyn Taylor


Adam is a passionate ocean lover working as a naturalist and wildlife filmmaker for Condor Express whale watching. He has worked up and down the west coast in places like Santa Barbara, CA and the San Juan Islands in Washington. Pursuing a degree in Environmental Science from UCSB, Adam brings enthusiasm, and an ever lasting passion to whale nerds!  

Adam Ernster

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